Strongman Training for Football


The primary reason to to use strongman training for football players is to bridge the gap between weight room strength and field strength. This element is essential for maximizing a  football strength and conditioning program. One of the best ways to make this happen is to add strongman training into conventional football strength and conditioning programming. There are many exercises that can be used in order to successfully turn weight room strength into field strength (Field strength is the only goal for athletes, very few outcomes of games are decided by who can bench more). There are 5 primary strongman exercises that…

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Get Recruited to play College football!


There are key physical attributes that offensive lineman need to have in order to get recruited and ultimately get scholarships to play college football. When coaches, recruiters, and scouts are grading a high school football offensive lineman they focus on a few key attributes. Athleticism and Footwork Power and Punch Pad Level and Knee Bend   Below are great examples of elite lineman showing these attributes.   1. Athleticism and Footwork 2. Power and Punch 3.  Pad Level and Knee Bend   These are the qualities that lineman need to have in order to play at a high level. Your…

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Power Building


The goal of performance training is not to build strength, it is to build strength that translates to athletic power. You build strength for the purpose of speed, in order to generate maximum power when you compete. This is the reason that I place such a high importance on Power Cleans, Power Snatches, Power Jerks, and weighted jumps. Strength means nothing without speed. Train With us!      

HP Football Program


Stronger, Faster, Tougher Be a part of a unique top level strength and conditioning program built for football players that want to take their play to the next level. This program has prepared athletes for the NFL combine, Division 1 college football,  Division 2/3 college football and high school football. We focus on an old school power building approach that has 2 objectives, make you faster and stronger. The HP Football program has a specific plan for you whether you are a Lineman or a Skill position player that focuses on your exact performance needs. HP football is a 12…

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Strongman Training


Strongman Saturdays If you are looking to add good old fashioned Farm Strength to your training program, Strongman Saturdays will get the job done! This supplemental training is perfect for people training for: Strongman Football Wrestling This training focuses on moving heavy weight fast. This is what building brute strength is all about. We will be pulling out all of the training tools in order to push you and build your brute strength. Axle Bar Tires Sleds Strongman Logs Frames Yokes Kegs Atlas Stones The training exercises that we use will come right out of strongman competitions. This is a…

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No Limits


At Horsepower Strength and Conditioning our mission is to make you faster and stronger. We do this by using an old school training philosophy that consists of lifting heavy and moving fast. Walk through the door at HP ready to work and begin your power building journey! No matter what you are training for never accept limits. Push yourself to the edge and prove to yourself that you can do more, that you can perform at a higher level. Lift Heavier Jump Higher Run Faster Condition Harder Never let yourself be comfortable. Rise Above the Fear and Doubt Training and…

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Just Strong


At Horsepower Strength and Conditioning our mission is to make you faster and stronger. We do this by using an old school training philosophy that consists of lifting heavy and moving fast. Walk through the door at HP ready to work and begin your power building journey! When I started training athletes I can honestly say that I never imagined that I would have the privilege of coaching so many female athletes. Over the past few years I have coached some of the toughest, strongest, hardworking, and top female athletes in the world. I will tell you this first hand,…

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10 Rules for Strength Coaches

Front Squat

  1. Your athlete’s training is always more important than our own. Your athlete’s need a coach, not a training partner, they need someone who is solely focused on improving their performance, not yours.  They count on you to program, evaluate, push, pull back, and put your energy into making them better. Being a strength coach takes a 100 percent commitment of your time and energy. Their training, their goals, and their improvement are more important than yours. Strength coaches compete every time one of their athletes competes (if you don’t feel this way, DO SOMETHING ELSE!), make sure you…

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Explosive Trap Bar Jumps


There are a lot of great movements that you can use in addition to your primary movements(Squat, Deadlift, Clean & Jerk, and Snatch) to build power. One of the staples in my Power training over the past few years has been Trap Bar Jumps. These are a simple movement that can be easily taught and performed safely by athletes.  Trap Bar Jumps   Coaching Points There are 2 keys to performing this exercise safely and effectively. 1. Keep your back flat Eyes up, Chest Big, Shoulders Back 2. Don’t land Hard When you are coming down from your jump, land…

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Do it anyway!


It is extremely easy to find reasons not to do things. It is easy to fear the worst and lose motivation. No matter what you are trying to do or accomplish, remember that doing something with passion (no matter the results) is always worth doing. The goal that you have every single day should not to find success, but to be significant. Be significant to your spouse, your child, your athlete’s, your teammates, your coworkers, or whoever is important to you in your life. Remember the court of public opinion will find reasons to dislike you (no matter what you…

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