HP Football – Big Man Training Camp


2015 Offensive/Defensive Line Strength, Speed, Conditioning, and Skill Training Camp Your Goals, Your Dreams, Your Choice! Whatever your goals are put yourself in the place that is going to get you there. You can do what everyone else is doing or you can step outside the box and do what is best for reaching your goals and your potential. Horsepower is offering a 9 week training program for offensive and defensive lineman. This program is for any athlete getting ready for high school or college football. This Program Includes: Old School Strength Work Speed Work Agility Work Strongman Training Football…

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The Difference – HP Warrior Conditioning


Any person on the planet can make you tired… Period. So what makes the HP Warrior conditioning program different than everybody else? Why does it make you better and not just tired? We train all appropriate energy systems required for competition ATP-PC High Power/Short Duration Glycolytic Moderate Power/Moderate Duration Oxidative Low Power/Long Duration We work all 3 elements of conditioning Speed – Moving fast and being explosive Heavy – Moving heavy weight for a set amount of time or distance (Strongman) Extended – Longer duration We build mental toughness and an unbreakable attitude We use a progressive system that builds…

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HP Warrior Challenge


  Get started on the 12 Week Warrior Challenge at anytime!  After the first three weeks of the Warrior Challenge, the people participating in it are extremely excited about the training style, the program, and the results they are already seeing. I am opening the 12 week warrior training program to start at any time for any person that wants to take their training to an entirely new level.    This is the 12 Week training program that I use with my combat sport athletes to get them fight ready. It is now open to anybody that wants to work…

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The Goal

This Video Speaks for itself. Every person should aspire for the mental toughness that this man and the other members of the special forces have. He gives true meaning to the words Unbreakable Warrior.  


This is the 12 Week training program that I use with my combat sport athletes to get them fight ready. It is now open to anybody that wants to work harder than they ever have to become more than they ever thought possible.  This Program will Increase Strength Increase Speed Increase Work Capacity Decrease Recovery Time Decrease Body Fat Increase Mental Toughness Empower  You!   Every person is a Warrior, this program will unlock your ability to push through personal limits and grow stronger physically and mentally. You can start this program wherever you are physically. Everything is based on…

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What it takes

Mike Richman - Warrior

Mike Richman fights his second career fight at 135 pounds vs. Nam Pham at Bellator 131 this Saturday November 15th. This is what it takes to be one of the best in the world. Mike trains strength and conditioning with me 3x per week, this is an inside look into what he did in one of those workouts. This was a workout from his first camp moving down a weight class (Previously fought at 145). The goal was simple, keep strength, increase speed and power, and make sure that his work capacity and recovery time where better than ever. He…

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Train Like a Warrior


The Warrior program is designed to build strength, speed, and work capacity. It is a 12 week program that will change your life, the way you feel, and the way you live. This program was designed to prepare athletes for combat sports, but it is perfect for any individual that wants to transform themselves physically and mentally. This program is 3 training sessions per week with a focus on building base strength, explosion, straight line speed, change of direction speed, work capacity, and recovery time. Every single person is more effective in every aspect of their life if they are strong, fast, and…

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Powerology Program


  Powerology was created to build a community of strength coaches that believe in the value of hard work, building performance with proven methods, and truly care about creating successful athletes and people. Powerology Coach Training You will learn: How to set up the appriopriate environment for your athletes to thrive in. The mental approach needed to maximize workouts, competitions, and life. The Powerology program philosophy The exercises that are involved in powerology workouts The powerology programming system. Powerology Affiliate Program If you become a member of the Powerology community you will have constant programming (weekly programming sent to you),…

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Warrior Conditioning


  Every Week I will be posting a conditioning workout specifically designed for combat sport athletes. You will get what you put into these workouts. The harder you push the better your conditioning will become. It is better to burn out giving 100 percent effort than to pace yourself through. Push the limit and get better. The Workout: Battle Ropes 5 Minutes Continuous Movement – Arms and legs This means slams, alternating, use a variety of movement so you can push it hard and keep moving the entire 5 minutes. This is what the rope work should look like Take…

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Warrior of the Week


The first Warrior of the week is Ken Glenn. He is an athlete that has committed himself to getting better training 4x per week for the past three years. Ken has made huge gains in strength, speed, and power. (More than doubling his Squat, Deadlift, and Clean & Jerk). Ken not only trains in our individual strength and conditioning program, but also participates in our strong man for athletes program. He is truly willing to do everything necessary to make him the best athlete that he can be. We have been through multiple fight camps for professional MMA and Boxing. We also trained in order to prepare him…

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